DriveSafe for Business Users
DriveSafe offers a cost-effective solution for businesses to manage driver behavior, replacing custom solutions and saving money through outsourcing. It's versatile and can be used by various business types, such as freight, taxi, and delivery services. By downloading and installing the app and creating an account and wallet, businesses can benefit from data-centric driving and reward safe driving with NFTs, among other features.
  • Replaces custom solutions used by businesses
  • Saves money by outsourcing services to DriveSafe
  • Can be used by multiple business types (e.g. freight, taxi, delivery)
For companies with their own vehicles, DriveSafe can be a valuable tool in multiple areas. Firstly, it can be used to motivate employees to drive safer and more efficiently, which can lead to reduced operating costs and increased safety for both employees and vehicles. Fleet management can also benefit from DriveSafe, as it allows for monitoring and improvement of driving behavior, which can result in increased safety and reduced operating costs.
Traffic Planners
Additionally, DriveSafe can be used by traffic planners to control traffic flows and prevent accidents by analysing traffic data and identifying accident hotspots. Companies can offer targeted driver training based on driving data to minimise the risk of accidents and reduce costs. Insurance companies can also benefit from DriveSafe by adjusting premiums based on individual driving behavior, resulting in lower risk of accidents and reduced insurance costs.
Carsharing and vehicle rental companies can monitor and improve customer driving behavior, leading to reduced maintenance costs and extended vehicle lifespan. Logistics and transport companies can increase the safety and reliability of deliveries by monitoring driving behavior and ensuring on-time and intact arrivals. Vehicle manufacturers can provide feedback to customers based on driving data, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing accidents.
Driving Schools
Driving schools can offer targeted training to improve student driving behavior based on analysis of driving data. Governments and authorities can use DriveSafe to collect and analyse traffic data and take targeted measures to improve traffic safety, as well as monitor driving behavior to increase vehicle and employee safety. Taxi companies can also use DriveSafe to monitor driving behavior and ensure safe and timely arrivals for customers.
Benefits for Business Users
  • Data-centric driving with easy access to driver behavior data.
  • Comprehensive and common dataset for each driver.
  • No need for custom hardware solutions or individual device updates.
  • Reward safe driving with NFTs to establish customer or employee loyalty whilst lowering fleet maintenance expenses incurred by speeding.
Getting Started
  • Download and install the DriveSafe app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Choose your account type (business or domestic).
  • Select your business type (e.g. public road transport, courier businesses).
  • Create an account and wallet to receive rewards for safe driving.
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